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The Minnesota All-State Lutheran Choir (MASLC) program is now in a transition period. There will be no MASLC in the summer of 2017. Dr. Thomas Rossin ended his conducting of the choir in the summer of 2016 after leading the program for 26 years. He has retired from the summer youth program (MASLC) of Exultate but still conducts the professional orchestra and choir of Exultate.

During the 2016-2017 season of Exultate, the Board of Directors instituted a plan for succession of the MASLC program by inviting interested groups to present proposals to take over the program. We are now in the midst of that process and will be receiving proposals by April 1, 2017. The Board will then decide where the new home of MASLC will reside and who will be the new leaders of the program.

In June of 2017 there WILL BE a special day for MASLC alums to join in rehearsing and singing a concert which will be open to the public. The purpose of the Festival day is to demonstrate that the program is alive and will continue. It will give the chance to alums and donors to rally around the future of the Minnesota All-State Lutheran Choir. It is the intention of the Exultate Board of Directors to announce the new home for MASLC during this festival day. As soon as plans are completed, we will post the date, place and time of the MASLC Festival Day.

Please come back to this page to keep abreast of the plans.


The following was the description of the MASLC program from last year. The new description will be similar:

2016 Minnesota All-State Lutheran Choir (MASLC)
June 10 through June 29, 2016

Camp dates:
Friday, June 10 through Saturday, June 18, 2016
Mt. Carmel Ministries Camp on Lake Carlos in Alexandria, Minnesota.

Tour dates:
Saturday, June 18 through Wednesday, June 29, 2016. The coach bus tour includes a large portion of the state.

The choir is open to all Minnesota Lutheran students who will have completed 10th, 11th or 12th grade at the end of the school year. Choir members are chosen by competitive auditions at various locations around the state during February. Students are notified of their acceptance in March and receive their music in late April. The singers are responsible for learning most of the music on their own before choir camp starts.

The cost of the 2016 program for the students is $600.00. (20 days including a 12 day tour throughout Minnesota). The cost includes all camp fees, housing on tour, tour transportation and almost all meals. In addition to this fee, students purchase their own music and concert dress, buy a few meals on tour and provide their own spending money at camp and on tour. While on tour, choir members stay with host families and are provided two or three meals per day.

GENEROUS SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE - The 2016 MASLC program has been blessed with donations which will provide a number of generous scholarships to students who need financial assistance. The amount of a scholarship awarded ranges from $100.00 to $600.00. After auditioning, if you are chosen to be in the Minnesota All-State Lutheran Choir you will be eligible to apply for a scholarship. You must also send in your deposit before being considered for a scholarship. Refunds will be made if the scholarship covers more than the cost of the program.

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